How to Apply

We are now accepting applications for the Ursinus 2022 REU which runs May 31-July 22, 2022! Please upload your application, including your CV, statement of purpose, and unofficial transcripts, here.

As part of your application, please arrange for two letters of recommendation to be sent to Dr. Nick Scoville at Please request to your letter writer that the subject of the email be “REU: LAST NAME letter,” e.g., “REU: Smith letter” or “REU: Jones letter.”

In addition to the application, please complete demographic information here. This is for collection purposes only and will not be used to select students.

The statement of purpose is essentially a cover letter where you introduce yourself and tell us why you are interested in our program. How will it contribute to your career goals?  How will you benefit from our program?  How do you fit some of the criteria that we are looking for in a student? One aspect of our program that makes it different from others is that we are looking for the student who is either struggling to find their niche, looking for a second chance after possibly some very low grades, students from historically underrepresented groups, students who don’t have research opportunities at their home institution, students who have great potential but don’t have a particularly strong application (so they are overlooked in the first round), etc. We are not even looking for the student who is choosing between our REU and another REU. Rather, part of our program is developing not only the mathematical skills of the student, but the soft skills as well- professionalism, integrity, teamwork, and other kinds of life skills. We are really looking to help mold the total mathematical scientist.

In summary, we are not looking for someone who already has it all figured out. We want to help the student draw out their potential in a way the student never knew or thought could be done.

Applications are due on March 15, 2022.



This REU program is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), grant number 1851948.