This picture was taken by mathematics major, Max Bicking '16. Max studied at the University o...This picture was taken by mathematics major, Max Bicking '16. Max studied at the University of Cape Town.

Study Abroad

Study abroad and immerse yourself in a new culture and global thinking. Challenge your beliefs’, expand your horizons,  and discover worldly opportunities. 

Who can study abroad?

Approximately 25% of Ursinus students choose to study abroad. Students from all majors and minors are able to study abroad. Students must be juniors or seniors to complete a full semester abroad. However, sophomores may study abroad in the spring semester on a faculty guided trip. Learn more about the policies and procedures. 

Why study abroad?

Students are encouraged to study abroad to challenge cultural assumptions, receive international experience, and diversify their education. Being a student abroad is a unique opportunity that allows one to fully immerse themselves in a new culture and international education. Students can choose to take classes, and/or complete an internship while abroad. 

What programs are offered and where can I go? 

Students are able to choose from a wide range of programs located in every part of the world. Programs are offered in the fall and spring semester, winter break, and summer break. Students are able to study topics in their major, or explore new possibilities and take classes outside of their major. Many students choose to fulfill their liberal arts requirements while abroad. Students may also complete service learning and/or an internship while abroad. 

How do I apply?

Check out the application process here!

Center for International Programs

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