Learning Goals

“Education is not the learning of facts, but training the mind to think” -Albert Einstein


Upon graduation students majoring mathematics should be able to:

M1: Students should have the ability to see connections between mathematical notions and applications, to formulate precise and relevant mathematical statements and questions, and to find valid means of resolving those questions.

M2: Use creative insight, standard proof techniques, and fundamental tools of logic to craft complex mathematical arguments.

M3: Students should be able to communicate mathematical ideas and present mathematical arguments both in writing and orally with the proper use of mathematical notation and terminology. Students should be able to write rigorous mathematical proofs. 

Computer Science

Upon graduation students majoring in computer science should be able to:

CS1: Design, implement, test, and debug multiple component systems that solve real world problems using appropriate languages, tools, and environments. Students are expected to be competent in a number of computing languages.

CS2: Students will be able to select the appropriate algorithms and data structures to solve computational problems and analyze the solution’s complexity.

CS3: Students will demonstrate understanding of the architecture of memory, data representation, implementation, and execution of instructions at the hardware level. 

  • Jodi Clugston-Voss
    Thomas 333