Life After Ursinus

Students that have obtained a degree in either mathematics or computer science have proved to be extraordinarily successful in applying their problem solving skills, analytical thinking, and technical computing skills in a variety of different industries. 

Our graduates find success in both:


Graduate Studies

Most of our graduates join the work force soon after graduation in a range of different industries. These industries include but are not limited to technology, finance, actuarial science, engineering, and robotics. Students are engaged at these cutting-edge firms and excel in their work. While a majority of students do not attend graduate school immediately after graduation, most students will pursue a higher degree while working. 

Students excel in graduate school and the work force because of their preparation during their undergraduate degrees. This is often grounded in the Experiential Learning Projects (XLP). These independent learning experiences serve as opportunities for students to obtain internships, complete research, or study abroad. All students are required to complete one Experiential Learning Project but are not limited to only one.

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