Honors Research

“#WeAreAllFollowersNow : a Comparative Analysis of  Government, Corporate, and Celebrity Twitter”  Colin Hart (2013),   Advisor, Jay Miller   (Media and Communication Studies) 

“Mothers, Myths, and Magazines : a Content Analysis of Women’s Magazines from the 1950s, the 1980s, and the 2000s”   Rosemary Clark (2013),   Advisor,  Sheryl Goodman   (Media and Communication Studies) 

“As Seen on TV : How do Consumers in a Multi-Media World use Televisions in the Pittsburg Metro Area?”  Erica R. Schnebel (2013),    Advisor, Carol Cirka     (Business and Economics and Media and Communication Studies)

“A Qualitative Exploration of the communicative experience of First-Year Minority Students at a predominately white Institution”  Shavonn Smith  (2012),    Advisor, Sheryl Goodman   (Media Studies and Communication)

“The Random Board:  The Culture of 4chan’s/b/” Emerson Miles Hawkins (2014),  Advisor: Sheryl Goodman

“Princess Culture: Disney, Feminism, and the New Girlhood” Alexandra E. Wilson (2011), Advisor: Frances Gateward

“The Death of Music Videos? An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Music Videos as a Promotional Tool” Carmen Cheng (2010) Advisors: Lynne Edwards (Media & Communication Studies) and Heather O’Neill (Business and Economics)

“Which Box Do I Check?: A Study of Biracial Adolescent Identity” Caitlin Dalik (2010), Advisor: Sheryl Goodman (Media & Communication Studies)

“Journey to Catharsis: Rehabilitation of the Father-Daughter Condition Through Autobiography, Performance Art, and Community Based Theatre” Abbie Cichowski (2010), Advisors: Louise Woodstock (Media & Communication Studies) and Beverly Redman (Department of Theater and Dance)

“Luring Language and Virtual Victims: Analyzing Cyber-Predators’ Online Communicative Behavior” Amanda Kay Leatherman (2009), Advisor: Lynne Edwards

“Talk About Race: Cultural Norms and Discursive Strategies” Judith Millili (2009), Advisor: Sheryl Goodman

“Creative Commerce: An Analysis of Authenticity and Marketing on Project Runway” Heather M. Turnbach (2008), Advisor: Louise Woodstock

“Place and City: A Narrative Analysis of the Feminist Issues and Place in Sex and the City” Ashley N. Drogalis (2008), Advisor: Lynne Edwards

“Identity: Uncovering Twin Mythology in American Film” Carly Haines (2008), Advisor: Lynne Edwards

“Talk About Race: An Ethnographic Study of Student Perspectives” Sarah Weddle (2007), Advisor: Sheryl Goodman