Our students participate in study abroad, internships, and volunteering experiences as varied as their interests. 

Study Abroad 

All our majors must study abroad in a program approved by our department.

Study abroad experiences help students discover unique academic opportunities and develop and perfect personal and career goals.

We work closely with the Center for International Programs to find the best possible study-abroad option for our students.

Independent Research

Students come to our department with a wide spectrum of academic interests or questions which are best explored under our Independent Research Studies courses, our Honors Program, or in the Ursinus College Summer Fellows Program.

Recent Independent Research Topics

These are some of the topics covered in our most recent independent research studies courses:

  • Reading Les Misérables
  • Francophone West African Texts
  • Readings in Marcel Pagnol

  • Romans d’apprentissage

  • Scientific GermanReadings in “Im Westen Nichts Neues”

  • Readings in Freud and Jung

  • Comparative Customs: Germany, Austria and America

  • Cultural Attractions of Munich and Bavaria

  • Representation of Women in Pío Baroja’s El árbol de la ciencia

  • Chicana Feminist Writers

  • Gender Relations in Guatemala

  • Contemporary Spanish Cinema 

Honors Programs

Guidelines for Honors Projects

  • “‘La mauvaise mère’: Les représentations des mères en conflit chez quelques écrivaines françaises (XVIIIe – XXIe siècles)” (Jessica Long 2014)
  • “El desarollo de Carmen Martín Gaite en dos novelas: del perspectivismo a lo fantástico”  (Danielle Miller 2014)
  • “Un análisis sobre las rutas migratorias de los inmigrantes bolivianos / An Analysis of the Migratory Paths of Bolivian Immigrants” (Sarah Kolosky 2013)
  • “Devenir femme : Manifestations du mal-être dans la littérature féminine francophone” (Rebecca Hollebach 2013)

  • “La representación de la religión y la identidad nacional en la Estoria de España de Alfonso X” (Erica Boyles 2012)
  • “Santería: From Criminality to Cubanidad” (Erin Doby 2012)

Internships & Volunteering

Modern Languages faculty and students recognize the role of internships and volunteering as an integral part of academic and personal growth.

Please contact the department if you are interested in volunteering or doing an internship for language credit.