IDC Lab with Dr. Bailey

Facilities and Resources

With a program that spans both Psychology and Biology, there is no shortage of research and lab experiences for the Neuroscience student!

Psychology Department and Neuroscience Program

Dr. Bish and Dr. Frymiare share a cognitive neuroscience research suite that houses electroencephalography, eye-tracking, and language processing equipment.  We have made several acquisitions to enhance their labs, Biopacs and Neurosky ‘wearable’ EEG electrodes. 

Biology Department and Neuroscience Program

Drs. Dawley, Favero, and Round have an impressive array of Nikon imaging platforms to view neurons and nervous system anatomy, including a new Nikon C2 confocal microscope, two compound microscopes for Differential Inference Contrast and epifluorescence, one inverted microscope with fluorescence capability, and two additional inverted microscopes for RNAi, transgenic experiments, and live cell imaging. The department also houses several standard and fluorescent stereomicroscopes for dissections, dye tracing, GFP worm maintenance, and zebrafish experimentation.  Most microscopes are connected to digital cameras and computers for capture of high resolution images of fixed or live specimens. There are also two tissue culture facilities, one reserved for culturing and experimenting with live neurons in the classroom.

Their laboratories also contain a Leica VT100S vibratome, CM1900 cryostat, microtomes, room-temperature and cooled microcentrifuges, NanoDrop and standard UV spectrophotometers, a plate reader, gel boxes and power supplies, image station with densitometry capability, speed vacuum, electronic balances, water-baths, thermocyclers, shaking incubators, UV light box, digital camera for capturing images of gels, and two autoclaves.