N Yeagley M Esposito Harrisburg Conference 2019

Fieldwork and Internships

An internship in Neuroscience is your opportunity to apply what you have learned HERE out THERE in the real world!

An internship is a structured and supervised professional experience for which a student has intentional learning goals, reflects actively on what he or she is learning, and receives academic credit.  Some benefits of doing an internship include:

Neuroscience Internship Ideas

www.chop.edu  The Children’s Hospital  (PA)

www.nationalmssociety.org/  Multiple Sclerosis Society

www.einstein.edu   Einstein Hospital  (PA)

www.jefferson.edu/university/skmc.html  Jefferson Medical College  (PA)

www.mayo.edu/mgs/programs/summer-undergraduate-research-fellowship   Mayo Clinic Summer Undergraduate Research Program

https//icahn.mssm.edu Mount Sinai School of Medicine (NY)

www.bcm.edu   Baylor College of Medicine (TX)