A Clark and M Daly Summer Fellows

Summer Fellows

Over the summer months, you can work or you can be a Summer Fellow. It’s a no-brainer!

The Summer Fellows program at Ursinus allows you as a sophomore or junior to pursue an independent scholarly project under the close tutelage of a faculty mentor, when both you and the professor have more time to devote exclusively to research.

You will do eight weeks of research full-time and receive a $2500 stipend and a room on campus.

Your faculty mentor will help shape and direct your project, and weekly common hour meetings are scheduled to bring all Summer Fellows and mentors together as an intellectual community. All fellows present their research during the last week of the program, and many fellows present at Family Day, Homecoming and at professional conferences off campus.

Summer Fellows and mentors can view more information by visiting the Summer Fellows page of our college’s website.

Meet Our Students

Photo of Robert McNamara

Robert McNamara

Class of 2018 | Phoenixville, PA

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  Photo of Noah Yeagley

Noah Yeagley

Class of 2019 | Hanover, PA

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Photo of Marisa Getz

Marisa Gretz

Class of 2016 | Clarks Summit, PA

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Photo of Hale Soloff

Hale Soloff

Class of 2016 | Collegeville, PA

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Photo of Emily Black

Emily Black

Class of 2015 | Horsham, PA

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Photo of Steve Medeiros

Steve Medeiros

Class of 2015 | Coventry, RI

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Photo of Alvin Varghese

Alvin Varghese

Class of 2015 | Philadelphia, PA

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