Peace and Social Justice

Challenging students to think critically in order to create a more equitable and nonviolent world. 

Overhead peace sign shot -- a promotional ad for a theater performance.

Peace and Social Justice Studies is an interdisciplinary minor.

The minor integrates theory and practice, combining interdisciplinary studies with an applied learning experience, wherein students are exposed firsthand to structural inequities and/or the obstacles to peace.

Student Profile:

Kelly Johnson 2017

“I have initiated a Peace and Social Justice Studies major because I believe that issues of social rights pervade throughout all aspects of our society; therefore, they pervade through all aspects of the educational curriculum.  By studying Peace and Social Justice Studies, I can look at these issues in depth from a variety of views and subjects.  This major will also help me for my future endeavors.  I plan on working at a non-profit that focuses on a social issue after I finish my undergraduate degree at Ursinus and eventually want to earn a degree in Human Rights Studies or Sociology.  This major allows me to look at the issues I want to grapple with now and later in my life.”

Peace and Social Justice Studies

Coordinator: Dr. Christian Rice
Bomberger Hall 207
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