Peace and Social Justice Requirements

  • Peace and Social Justice Studies is an interdisciplinary minor which challenges students to think critically in order to create a more equitable and nonviolent world. The minor integrates theory and practice, combining interdisciplinary studies with an applied learning experience, wherein students are exposed firsthand to structural inequities and/or the obstacles to peace.

    Requirements for Minors

    A minor concentration in Peace and Social Justice Studies consists of 20 credits and an applied learning experience, for a total of 24 credits. All students must take PSJ-200, Introduction to Peace and Social Justice Studies. In addition to this core course, students need to take an additional 16 credits. Students cannot take more than two courses from one department (excluding internships).

    The remaining credits must come from the following:

    AAAS-200; ECON-110; EDUC-100, 280; ENGL-222; ENVS-100, 242, 332, 340W, 428W, 430W; ENVS/SOC-220, 288; ENVS/PHIL-248; GWMS-200, 377; HIST-228, 251,  255, 277,303, 330, 351, 425W; HIST/GWSS-377; IDS-001–008; LAS-200, 215; MCS-286, 330, 350, 366; PHIL-140, 246; POL-252, 344, 350A, 350B, 357, 399; RELS-225, 326, 327, 361, 366; SOC-255, 258; SOC/GWMS-263. Special topics courses may be counted toward the minor with permission of the instructor and the Peace and Social Justice coordinator.

    To fulfill the minor, students will also need to complete an applied learning experience whose focus is germane to Peace and Social Justice Studies. Students will need to complete one of the following: an internship, a community-based research project, or a relevant study-abroad experience. Students who complete at least four semesters in the Bonner Leaders program can satisfy the applied learning experience this way. For this applied learning experience to count toward the minor, approval should be sought in advance from the facilitator of the Peace and Social Justice Studies minor.

  • Peace and Social Justice Studies

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