Performing and Visual Arts Design and Technology

This degree is not your traditional Theater, Art, Media and Communications, Music, Museum Studies, or Film Studies degree. Instead, it harnesses the strengths of all of these disciplines as they relate to understanding, interrogating, and creating performing and visual arts.

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“The Performing and Visual Arts Design and Technology major invites students to take risks, ask questions, and develop sophisticated interpretative, artistic, and practical skills with which they may have had little experience. The major sets students up for success in a broad range of fields and gives students the flexibility to continue to explore post-graduation.

The global entertainment and media industry is worth over two trillion dollars—it’s a dynamic industry that changes as quickly as the technology that supports it. We aim to inspire our artists, technicians, and managers to embrace innovation and see themselves as leaders.”

–Associate Professor Shannon Zura

There is increased demand for interdisciplinary arts degrees that allow students a broad range of exploration while simultaneously setting them up for success in an equally broad range of careers.

The Performing and Visual Arts Design and Technology (PVDT) major gives students the skills they need to pursue both design and technical work; the technical component is important because many work in technical positions while building/launching design careers. Additionally, the major prepares students who want to enter graduate programs in design and technology, providing them with the foundation and competitive edge they need for graduate school admittance.

What makes it distinctive?

The broad foundation of the major speaks to the liberal arts ethos—this is not a narrowly construed BFA course of study nor is it a “technical education.” Student takes courses that draw on history, literature, practice, theory, etc. The major makes space for artistic self-expression and gives students the tools they need to make that expression professional and marketable.

The major is geared toward adventurous students who want to explore design and cultivate the critical thinking, creative problem solving, and artistic interpretation skills that prepare students for countless professional opportunities. The new major places equal emphasis on independent endeavor and collaboration, self-expression and creative partnership.

Students need no prior experience to pursue this major and the major provides room for students to concentrate on areas of particular interest. While students will learn about design and technology across multiple mediums, students can pursue experiential opportunities and more advanced work in the areas that most resonate with them.

Kaleidoscope Performing Arts Center

Room 221

Shannon Zura

Performing and Visual Arts Design and Technology Coordinator