Performing and Visual Arts Design and Technology Requirements

  • Performing and Visual Arts Design and Technology is an interdisciplinary major drawing upon courses in Art, Film Studies, Media & Communication Studies, Music, Museum Studies, and Theater. The major provides students with a foundation in both performing and visual arts while also allowing students to make choices to tailor the major to their own more specific design and technology interests in performing or visual arts. Providing opportunities both to study art across periods and mediums and to create original work, the major is perfect for the intellectually curious student interested in experiential learning and multidisciplinary exploration. The curriculum focuses on the synergies between critical thinking and creative endeavor. Students explore the principles of performing and visual arts design as well as the evolving technology necessary to realize their visions. This major is appropriate for those considering careers as lighting designers, master electricians, gaffers, scenic designers, technical directors, production managers, sound designers, foley artists, sound engineers, film production technicians, exhibition designers, projections designers, product designers, lighting supervisors, architectural lighting designers, production designers, entertainment technology consultants, stage managers, entertainment technology sales executives, and arts project managers, among many others.

    Requirements for Majors

    A major in Performing and Visual Arts Design and Technology consists of a minimum of 55 semester hours of credit.


    • One of the following: THEA-100 or FS-101
    • One of the following: ART-101 or ART-102
    • Six courses on design/technology: TD/ART-130, TD-150 (w/co-requisite TD-001-008), TD/ART 231, TD/ART-232, TD/ART/MUS-233, and MCS-225 or MUS-226
    • Two historical courses: THEA-300W* or ART-150, and THEA-301W* or ART-160
    • Twelve additional credits from the following electives: ART-101, 102, 106, 107, 150, 160, 371, 372; ART/GWSS-373; FS-101; MCS-220, 225, 327, 355; MS-100, 200A/B; MUS-226, 301; PVDT-350, 361, 362, 381, 382, 461, 462, 492; TD-001-008,** 240, 241; THEA-275 (with co-requisite TD-001-008), 300W, 301W; 370; and special topics, directed studies, research courses and/or internships as approved by the Performing and Visual Arts Design and Technology Coordinator
    • PVDT-491 or relevant capstone approved by the Performing and Visual Arts Design and Technology Coordinator.

    *Majors must take either THEA 300W or THEA-301W to fulfill the W and oral presentation requirements. The capstone requirements can be fulfilled by PVDT-491 or an approved relevant capstone course.

    **Students may count up to four credits of TD 001-008 toward the required elective credits.

    For fulfillment of the Experiential Learning Project (XLP) core curriculum requirement, students are encouraged to study abroad, to complete an approved off-campus design and technology-related internship or an Ursinus Summer Fellowship, to pursue advanced work in independent studies, or complete THEA-275 concurrently with TD-001-008.

    No more than three courses taken for the Performing and Visual Arts Design and Technology major can be counted toward another major.