Philadelphia Experience

Live, study, and work in Philadelphia, the U.S.’s first and only World Heritage City.

The Philadelphia Experience is a unique program that allows Ursinus students to live, study, and work in Philadelphia for a semester. “With Philadelphia as their classroom and their home, faculty and students will work closely together in a manner that empowers the intellect, awakens moral sensitivity and challenges students to improve society,” says President Brock Blomberg. This experience matches the culture of Philadelphia with the academics of Collegeville to create a distinct experience for each student.

Students create their own personal “Experience” in Philadelphia by matching Ursinus classes taught in Philadelphia, with internships, independent study, and diverse courses offered by Drexel University. Each Experience will be unique to each student, creating the perfect supplement to their Collegeville-based education. 

Applications for the Fall 2017 program have closed.

 “This coupling of culture and academia is our next distinctive experience and, by extension, an opportunity that is unforgettably Ursinus.” 

- President Brock Blomberg