Health in the City

Learn not just about the public health of Philadelphia, but of cities all around the world. This course will examine the health problems in the city and how health systems address these problems.


This course will examine how public health works, not only in Philadelphia, but in cities such as Rome, New Delhi, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, and Montreal. Philadelphia will be a main focus as the class will study the city’s diverse population and social systems comprising of patients, public health organizations, health professions, and public policy processes. Public health practitioners from Philadelphia health organizations will join the class at times giving insight to real public health problems for the populations they serve. The public health of Philadelphia will be compared to cities around the world.

Comparing Public Health

This course won’t just focus on Philadelphia, but will have readings that allow for a comparison of cities around the world. Philadelphia’s health system will be shown geographically as many classes will take place directly in health organizations around the city. Ideas for how to handle public health and public health problems will be compared and analyzed. Public health will be thoroughly analyzed within the United States as well as abroad.

Fulfill the “Global” Requirement

This course satisfies the core curriculum’s Global requirement.

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