Philadelphia Intellectual Experience

Have a new common intellectual experience, but this time experience all Philadelphia has to offer when it comes to arts and culture. Engage with the histories of iconic institutions including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia Orchestra, Pennsylvania Ballet, The Academy of Music, and the African American Museum.

Philadelphia Intellectual Experience (A, LINQ)

This course will examine the rich culture of several of Philadelphia’s iconic cultural and intellectual institutions. Students will study the history of the organizations, as well as the philanthropy behind them and the architectural spaces that house them. This intellectual and cultural experience will also allow for live participation as a patron at museums, dance and music rehearsals, and concert performances. Students will explore Philadelphia’s cultural and intellectual life as it has evolved throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.

During the Fall 2020 semester, we will focus specifically on dance and music organizations. Course readings will include materials focusing on race, cultural identities, and the stories of dance and music history that helped shape Philadelphia’s cultural life. The course will meet twice per week, including one “academic” work day, during which we will discuss course readings, and one “on-site” day at a museum, community center, or performance. Join us and develop a new understanding of Philadelphia’s cultural life!

Find Your Own Culture

The Fall 2020 semester will conclude with students’ own discoveries of intellectual or cultural institutions. Each participant will select an additional organization to research and visit, and will share their findings during an in-class presentation. The course will provide opportunity for individuals to engage, “hands-on,” in Philadelphia’s culture and will empower students to take advantage of all our region has to offer.

Fulfill the “Art” and/or “Linked Inquiry” Requirement(s)

This course satisfies the core curriculum’s Art requirement.

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