Student Experiences

Our students have customized their own Philadelphia Experience. Check out what students have designed and hear more about their experiences..

Diane Imboden

Diane Imboden ’23

Neuroscience and Music Double Major

PhillyX allowed me to experience living in a city for the first time, which is something I had always wanted to do. I was able to meet amazing new friends, network professionally, and take classes in a new environment while learning about and loving Philadelphia. For me, the change of pace was enough to make it worth it, having memorable days was common for me throughout the semester since there’s so much to do. I had a lot of personal and career growth as well that I’m grateful to take with me through the rest of my life.




Jess: My Philly Experience

Philadelphia is the place to be for top-tier hospitals and medical research. A neuroscience major, Jess Harsch took full advantage of the Philly X experience her senior year. She tackled, not one, but two internships during the spring semester —Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and The Hospital at University of Pennsylvania — where she was hired full-time upon completing the experience.


Karla: My Philly Experience

A dream of attending law school became that much more possible for Karla. She completed a key internship at an immigration law firm during her Philly experience. Karla sees this program as a great opportunity to get acclimated to a larger city and take advantage of the culture, recreation and fun it has to offer. She was accepted into Villanova Law School and is currently in her first year.