Politics and International Relations

How should we live together? No study addresses this question more fully than the study of politics. 

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A Love of Language: Tia Alan ’24 Earns Prestigious Fulbright Fellowship

As a Fulbright awardee, Alan will be a standalone professor at a university in Morocco for 10 months beginning in August.

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Are you interested in critical domestic and foreign policy issues, such as globalization, environmental change, civil rights, political development, public health, or terrorism? Theories concerning justice and the best government? Understanding the power of data in politics and policy? If so, Politics or International Relations could be a perfect major for you.

As a Politics or International Relations major, you will hone the writing, communication, analytical, and methodological skills that are essential components of a liberal arts education. Through critical reflection and active engagement in and out of the classroom, our students prepare to become knowledgeable, productive, and intellectually engaged citizens and leaders in public policy, law, business, or the nonprofit sector.



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Students attend National Model United Nations (NMUN) every year.

“Politics is the number one thing that impacts our lives —- and most people don’t realize it. Everything that we do and everything that is in the world has to do something with politics, your healthcare has to do with politics, education has to do with politics… it all comes down to the process of selecting the people who make the decisions about these things.”
~ Charlotte Rohrer ’19

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Politics and International Relations

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