Independent Learning

Independent learning lets students take responsibility for their education and develop initiative and independence by enhancing their confidence in their own abilities. 


Politics & International Relations majors often engage in original research, with faculty members serving as mentors for student-initiated research projects. Research


Politics and International Relations majors may undertake an off-campus internship for credit, either during the school year or over the summer. Internships

Off-Campus Study

Students also gain practical experience through a variety of off-campus study programs including study abroad, The Washington Internship Institute and more.  Students may choose to study abroad for up to a year and often complete an internship as part of their study abroad experience. Through a partnership with the Washington Internship Institute, students may spend a semester in Washington DC, taking classes in politics and policy or international and foreign policy studies and gaining professional experience through a related internship. Students can spend a semester or a summer in New York City, taking classes and gaining hands-on internship experience with the Bard Globalization and International Affairs program. The Capital Semester offers students the opportunity to experience total immersion in state institutions and state politics in Harrisburg.  Off-Campus Study

Local Opportunities for Global Engagement

Politics and International Relations majors explore global engagement outside of the classroom environment. The proximity of Philadelphia affords Ursinus students the opportunity to volunteer and intern with local organizations and discover new places in the Philly area. Local Opportunities for Global Engagement