Politics and International Relations

Are you interested in American politics?  International affairs?  Critical issues such as civil rights, global health, war and peace?  Theories on the ideal government? 

Politics Major

The Politics major at Ursinus provides students with an opportunity to explore the above kinds of questions through courses in American government, political theory, comparative politics and international relations. Courses focus on an active approach to learning, encouraging students to develop their own understanding of the purposes and problems of public life. Students are encouraged and expected to think for themselves, reflecting on the values they consider to be most important and the societal implications of these values. They weigh the merits of alternative theories, evaluating which ones best explain the past and help anticipate the future. They study contemporary policy debates, learning how political decisions are made and formulating their own views through reasoned analysis. As such, students are prepared for service in both the public and private sectors, pursuing careers in business, government, journalism, lobbying and law. They work for government agencies, law firms, businesses and nonprofit organizations and work as researchers, professors and teachers. They are also prepared to contribute to society as thoughtful, engaged citizens.

International Relations Major

The International Relations major at Ursinus is an interdisciplinary program that encourages students to use the knowledge and skills of anthropology, economics, history and politics to learn about peoples, societies and governments around the world as well as the international organizations that influence cooperation and conflict. International Relations majors explore the globalized, interdependent nature of the challenges that face the world by studying issues such as diplomacy, democracy, global business, human rights, war and peace. Student learning is enhanced through an emphasis on practical experience through simulations such as Model United Nations, study abroad and internships. IR majors are prepared for a number of careers, including those that require cultural sensitivity and an ability to function effectively in today’s rapidly changing world.

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of our students graduate with background in qualitative and quantitative methods.

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Politics and International Relations

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