Pre-Health Professions

You want to help people get on the road to recovery. We’ll give you the keys. Ursinus College boasts a long tradition of alumni in the field of medicine.

Quick Facts


Med school acceptance for those that meet the average GPA and MCAT for Med School. Our faculty support all candidates during application process.

An advising program that begins their first week on campus.

Ursinus students interested in becoming a health professional—be it a doctor, a dentist, a veterinarian, a therapist, or a physician assistant—benefit from an advising program that begins their first week on campus. Early in their careers, students are guided through selecting the right courses, finding the right hands-on experiences, and developing the right skills and resources.

As students prepare their applications, they work closely with their own adviser from the Health Professions Advising Committee, who provides support, feedback, and ultimately a recommendation for students—an increasingly rare benefit to health professions applicants.

We believe that a broad liberal arts education produces the best health professionals—and our graduates, their patients, and the professional schools themselves agree. Therefore, we don’t have a “Pre-Med” major. Further, while many students interested in these professions major in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology or Neuroscience you can major in whatever you want and still successfully pursue a health career.

Recent Medical School Acceptances

Medical schools at which recent Ursinus graduates have been accepted include:
Harvard Johns Hopkins Georgetown
Penn State Jefferson Temple

Acceptance rates vary from year to year, but on average:

Admission Agreements

Ursinus College has multiple agreements that guarentee interview/admission for our graduates. You can explore those details below. 


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Health Professions

Janet Mutschler, Pre-Health Advisor