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Special Programs and Agreements

Teamwork in healthcare is essential; we take a team approach to get you into the healthcare industry. The Ursinus College Health Professions Advising Committee (HPAC) is a unique and increasingly rare benefit to health professions applicants.

Individual Advising

Advising for students entering the health professions begins the week you start at Ursinus, with a meeting with the coordinator of the Health Professions Advising Committee (HPAC). From there, we meet in groups and individually with students through their first two years on campus to answer any of their questions. At the beginning of the junior year, we match students with advisers from HPAC who will help guide students through the application process: from crafting personal statements, to doing mock interviews. In addition, your HPAC adviser will write a letter on your behalf from HPAC—a critical advantage over other applicants from schools that don’t write such committee letters. And, if you decide to wait a while before applying, you can always come back for our help: year after year, we help alumni through the same process.

Shadowing Opportunities

Besides academic achievement, schools are looking to make sure that you have experience in the field, often by “shadowing,” or observing what the real-world experiences are of health professionals. At UrsinusAt Ursinus our Career and Post-Graduate Development Office will work with you to get these important experiences, either through our network of alumni health professionals, or by guiding you to get such experiences through your own network of family and friends.

Student Groups

We have a vibrant community of future health professionals on campus, led by our two student groups: the Brownback Anders Pre-Health Society and the Minority Association of Pre-medical Students. Any student can belong to both groups, both of whom bring speakers to campus, arrange visits to graduate programs, and provide support and mentoring to students.

Admission Agreements and Partnerships

Ursinus College has multiple agreements that guarentee interview/admission for our graduates. You can explore those details below.