Applying to Law School

The Application Timeline

First-years and Sophomores

While there is no formal preparation for law school applications during this time, Pre-Law students are encouraged to take at least one practice LSAT per semester.  This serves two purposes: 1) students become familiar and comfortable with the structure and types of questions on the LSAT; and 2) prospective law students begin to know whether the logical thinking called for in the LSAT is the kind of reasoning in which they excel.           

The best preparation for law school at this point, however, is to:

  • Select a major in a field that interests you and allows you to do well.
  • Begin to develop relationships with professors, so they get to know you and can serve as recommenders in the future.
  • Complement your classwork by seeking summer jobs or internships in your field.


A primary focus of this year is preparing for and taking the LSAT.

Juniors are advised to take the LSAT in June (prior to their Senior year).  Ursinus offers an on-campus LSAT preparation course.

Students should also begin to consider- based on their grades and LSAT scores- where they will apply to law school.  It is critical that Pre-Law students continue to focus on their coursework during this time.


By the first semester of their senior year, students should compile the following materials: a personal statement, resume, at least two letters of recommendation, and a Dean’s Certification (if necessary).  Students may choose to visit or interview at law schools during this time. 

Pre-Law students should aim to complete all applications by Thanksgiving; some law schools have rolling admissions.  Students are encouraged to begin to research financial aid options at this time.

What items will I need for the application?

From letters of recommendations to a resume and personal statement, view a list of most required items for a law school application.

Taking the LSAT

The LSAC (the Law School Admission Council) administers the LSAT. Registration for the LSAT may be obtained via their website.

Financing Law School

Law school is an important investment in your future. Spend some time researching options and reviewing resources. Details and Links>