Faculty Advisers

A group of dedicated Pre-Law advisers is available to offer advice. The advising program has been designed to meet the needs of students at each stage of their education at the College.

Who are We?

Anna Marks, Esq. serves as the Legal Studies Coordinator and the Coordinator of Pre-Law Advising. Anna is a practicing attorney in Philadelphia, with a focus on bankruptcy law.

Anna works closely with Sharon Hansen, Director of the Office of Career and Professional Development. In addition to Anna and Sharon, faculty members in several departments serve as Pre-Law advisers.

First and Second Year Students

In the fall of each academic year, Anna and Sharon host a group meeting with each class.

Pre-Law advisers in several departments advise their majors who are interested in law during the first and second years.

Junior and Senior Students

Juniors and seniors who remain interested in applying to law school are assigned to Anna Marks who serves as the primary Pre-Law advisers during the application process.