Psychology is an exciting discipline that generates fascinating research findings about the neurobiological, emotional, cognitive, developmental, and social factors that shape our lives. Psychology is devoted to exploring how and why we do what we do, to help us do it better.

Morgan Cope at CoSA, April 2019

The study of psychology provides an essential perspective in almost every setting, including corporate headquarters, child care centers, research universities, and marketing firms.

Providing a strong foundation in the general methods of behavioral research and experimental training, Ursinus’ psychology program offers students experience in a variety of settings. Psychology students at Ursinus learn the various content areas of psychology, including behavioral neuroscience, abnormal psychology, health and child development.

Students put theory into practice as they begin the kinds of work often reserved for graduate students: independent research, public presentations, and publications. Due to a strong foundation in theory, advanced hands-on experiences, and direct work with faculty, many of our graduates transition directly into careers in such fields as social work, therapy, addiction counseling, and work with children and families. Others go on to become school psychologists, pharmaceutical researchers, industrial/ organizational psychologists, clinical psychologists, social workers, college professors, and lawyers.


As a Teagle Diversity Fellow, Jones’ research focuses on how African American students’ perceptions of community involvement, racial identity and safety impact their well-being and undergraduate experience.

Jones, a psychology major, is the program coordinator at Cloake House (a special-interest house) and a research consultant in the Health Experiences Across the Lifespan (HEAL) Lab at Ursinus, which is interested in studying health outcomes of marginalized groups.

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