Marisa Waite and Dr. Mattingly 2018

Summer Fellows in Psychology

What will you do on your summer vacation?

The Summer Fellows program at Ursinus allows you as a sophomore or junior to pursue an independent scholarly project under the close tutelage of a faculty mentor, when both you and the professor have more time to devote exclusively to research.

Your project can be undertaken as independent research or a creative or artistic endeavor, on or off-campus. You will do eight weeks of full-time study and receive a $2500 stipend and a room on campus.

Your faculty mentor will help shape and direct your project, and weekly common hour meetings are scheduled to bring all Summer Fellows and mentors together as an intellectual community. All fellows present their research during the last week of the program, and many fellows present at Family Day, Homecoming and at professional conferences off campus.

Recent Summer Fellows in Psychology Examples

  • Floyd Curry ’20
    Title: Effects of Social Media on Self-Image of Emerging Adults.
    Mentor: Dr. Terry Winegar
  • Nicole Dalasio ’20
    Title: Decision-making, Beliefs, and Personality.
    Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Stevenson
  • Aliyah Clark ’19
    Title: The Developing Brain and How it May Be Impacted by Concussions.
    Mentor: Dr. Joel Bish
  • Morgan Cope ’19
    Title: The Self Expansion Processes: A Longitudinal Examination.
    Mentor: Dr. Brent Mattingly
  • Marisa Waite ’19
    Title: Pluralistic Ignorance and Hook-Up Culture.
    Mentor: Dr. Brent Mattingly
  • Susana Zelaya Rivera ’19
    Title: Psychology Research Project with Dr. Volpe.
    Mentor: Dr. Vanessa Volpe
  • Ace Melendez ’19
    Title: The Origins of the Modern Queer Look.
    Mentor: Dr. Abby Kluchin
  • Bryanna Jones ’19
    Title: The Impact of Special Interest Housing on the Well-being of Black Students.
    Mentor: Dr. Vanessa Volpe

  • Oluwagbotemi Olafunmiloye ’18
    Title: Examining Barriers to Healthcare within the Black Community.
    Mentor: Dr. Vanessa Volpe

  • Kayla Quinn ’19
    Title: Self-concept in Autistic Individuals.
    Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Stevenson

  • Jessica Childs ’18
    Title: Theater for Social Change: Prevention Programming for College Orientations.
    Mentor: Dr. Meghan Brodie

  • Haley Zorger ’18
    Title: The Wallowing Woman: Immanence as a Choice and Bad Faith in the Second Sex.
    Mentor: Dr. Kuching

  • Anna Gulko ’18
    Title: Aid in Dying: The Morals behind the Laws.
    Mentor: Dr. Kelly Sorensen

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