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Each semester the Psychology Department staff posts Alexi Maria Noah Jennifer at CNS 2019information about upcoming conferences, including pertinent information relating to dates, locations, deadlines for registration, etc. in order to facilitate student involvement. Supplemental email alerts also help students stay apprised of valuable presentation, internship, and occupational opportunities. 


The Think Psych! Newsletter is distributed electronically on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month in the academic year to keep students informed about psychology-related events, jobs, and internships, as well as good news from faculty, current students, and alumni.   If you have information that you would like to be included in an upcoming newsletter or you would like to begin receiving the newsletter, please contact Dr. Jennifer Stevenson at For past issues click on this link.

Ursinus Experiments!

PSYC students 2015Each semester the Research Methods students present their research projects and celebrate with refreshments.  This semester’s symposium was held at the end of the spring semester. Students interested in signing up to participate in research studies can click on this link:


Morgan Cope at CoSA, April 2019

The Celebration of Student Achievement (held annually near the end of the spring semester) was held on April 19th.  All students are encouraged to present their research, posters, etc.  See our 2019 COSA gallery of photos on this page.  Need assistance?  Contact the department secretary, Carol Royce at The CoSA 2020 date will be announced as we approach spring of 2020.

Lab Research

Research Spotlight
Dr. Catherine Chambliss Explains her notable research on depression and its interpersonal correlates.


Students are encouraged to sign up for research and there are various opportunities available each semester.  Students are encouraged to speak with any of our Psychology or Neuroscience faculty and inquire what research they are currently working on as well as what research they will be working on in the future.  Handouts are available in the department for students to review as they plan their next semester.

Pause for Paws

Pause for Paws is an event coordinated by Professor Brenda Lederach. It is an opportunity for students who may be away from their furry family members to spend time with the four-legged pets of the faculty and staff.  The therapy these dogs provide to all attendees - whether it be with a wet nose or a loving lick - is free of charge and a joy to behold!