Faculty Mentoring

The psychology department at Ursinus is devoted to student success. From their first days on campus, Ursinus students have the benefit of close faculty-to-student interaction.

 A central feature of the psychology curriculum is for all majors to complete an original research project carried out under the close, supportive supervision of a faculty member. Each year psychology students professionally present their work and contribute as co-authors of published papers based on those projects.

Students carry out research across diverse topic areas in psychology, including the neuroscience, developmental, cognitive, social, clinical, and personality subspecialties. In recent years, students’ projects have examined:

  • the neuropsychological deficits associated with sports-related concussions
  • various strategies for self-expansion
  • relationship enhancement and enhancing media literacy
  • the role of empathy in depression
  • the impact of maternal employment on child wellness
  • the relationship between body image and healthy behaviors in adolescence
  • the factors affecting the accuracy of children’s eyewitnesses testimony
  • motor, language, and cognitive abilities of autistic children