Research and Creative Projects

Hands-on research or creative project opportunities with a faculty mentor is a hallmark of the Ursinus experience. 

Our students can engage in high-level research from day one. The quality of the faculty and their close interaction with students offers an opportunity that is typically not experienced until graduate school.

Summer Fellow Biology Summer Fellows Program

For 6 weeks each summer a select group of rising juniors and seniors participate in an intensive research program on campus working one-on-one with a faculty mentor to complete an in-depth project of their choosing. Students accepted into this prestigious program are given a stipend. At the end of the session they present their findings and often they pursue the research throughout the year. Summer Fellows.

COSA Celebration of Student Achievement (CoSA)

CoSA is an all-day campus-wide event engaging the entire campus community in the presentation, discussion and celebration of all forms of intellectual and creative work by students at all levels. Oral presentations, poster presentations, performances, and other displays of student accomplishment are presented, as a single person or in a group; it may stem from work done in a classroom or outside of the classroom (research, internship, student activities or community service). COSA.

We challenged 2017 Summer Fellows to explain their (sometimes) complicated research to us in unde... Honors Projects

Students with a high academic record entering their senior year—above a 3.5 GPA—can pursue Honors by completing significant or original work in their major. These projects are some of the finest work Ursinus students have completed, often leading to work in graduate school or by future Ursinus students. Learn more about pursuing Honors Projects.

art-history Research and Project Funding

We want students to have every opportunity to pursue a great idea, which is why we funds set aside specifically for student research. We also want you to be able to share your great work with others, so we have funds available to help you travel to conferences and meetings to share your work with other students and scholars in your field. Learn more about Funding and Resources.

Students participate in the BEAR Innovation competition. U-Imagine Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies

The Center provides valuable resources so that ANY student from ANY major feels welcome to use the Center to develop an idea into a product or service that creates value by meeting a social or market need. Learn more

CSCG4 Rebecca Keenan (group shot - cropped 2) Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good

The Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good sponsors multiple opportunities for engaging in the impact of science on society. Learn more about the speaker series, conference series, student Fellows program, FUTURE summer research program, new courses, and internships that are part of the CSCG.