Advance Degree Partnership in Criminal Justice

4+1 Direct Admission Advanced Degree Partnership With St. Joseph’s University For Criminal Justice

St. Joseph's University logo Ursinus students can apply for direct admission to St. Joseph’s University’s College of Arts and Sciences.

Students accepted to the College of Arts and Sciences can pursue master’s degrees in criminal justice. Majors in psychology and sociology are particularly good fits, but students in other majors may be interested. 

What’s in it for me?

  • A Master of Arts in Criminal Justice.
  • Get a jumpstart on your graduate degree: Ursinus/SJU 4+1 students can take two SJU graduate classes, at no additional cost, as part of their Ursinus undergraduate degree and have those credits apply to both programs.
  • 10 percent tuition discount for all Ursinus graduates who are accepted into St. Joe’s graduate programs.

Application Process:

  • Explore the SJU Criminal Justice program at SJU Criminal Justice.
  • Meet with your advisor at Ursinus for approval.  It is worth meeting with your advisor as soon as you’ve identified interest, so your pathway can be crafted accordingly.
  • Review the SJU admission process at SJU Graduate Admission

Application can be submitted after the end of student’s fourth semester (or completion of at least 60 undergraduate credits) but no later than the end of the student’s sixth semester (or completion of no more than 96 undergraduate credits) at Ursinus College. Students are encouraged to apply by April 15.