Summer Session

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This summer, enroll in an on-campus course at Ursinus College. Open to Ursinus and non-Ursinus college students, high school students, community members.

Instructor Elizabeth WheelerInstructor Elizabeth WheelerIDS-099. Introduction to American Sign Language

June 21- July 26
Monday & Wednesday
3 - 6 p.m.
Instructor Elizabeth Wheeler

In this American Sign Language course, students will learn a variety of ASL vocabulary topics and common phrases. The teacher will focus on introducing the language in context and reinforcing what is learned by engaging you in various interactive activities. In addition to ASL vocabulary, students will learn about the diverse Deaf community. This conversational curriculum requires you to be an active learner, to communicate with your peers, and to focus with your eyes, not your ears. Come prepared to put your hands up and turn your voice off. Students who registered for IDS 099A in Spring 2023 may not register for this course. Graded S/U.  Two credit hours.

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