Theater and Dance

If your passion is theater…
If your passion is dance…

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…Our programs will engage and immerse you in all aspects of your passion: Act.  Dance.  Choreograph.  Direct.  Research.  Theorize.  Explore.  Design.  Produce.  Express.  Engage.  Create.  Imagine.  Transform.  Inspire.

We offer historical, critical, and practical training in the performing arts. Whether you pursue a career in the arts or take a class or perform on our stages, the Ursinus Theater and Dance programs will prepare you for a life in which critical thinking, aesthetic awareness, and communication are integral components. Collaborate with us!

Thinking about becoming a Theater or Dance major?  We’ll get you started, based on your interests and experience. Contact our Chair, Dr. Meghan Brodie, at and set up a time to meet with us. 

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Nicolette Adams

Theater & Dance Coordinator