Guest Artists

The Ursinus College Theater and Dance Department regularly brings professional artists to campus to teach and collaborate with our students. 

Our guest artists include professional choreographers, directors, designers, musicians, and music directors, among others. Guest artists teach classes and conduct intensive rehearsals with students, culminating in theater productions or performances for the Ursinus College Dance Company (UCDC) Concert.

Dance residencies offer our students the opportunity to study and perform a wide range of dance forms, including: ballet, jazz, modern, African dance, Hip Hop, tap dance, dance theater, contact improvisation, ballroom dance and others. Theater residencies invite students to collaborate with directors, designers, performers, and instructors working across a range of genres, styles, and periods.

Recent Guest Artists, Theater
  • Bobbi Block, improvisation artist & instructor
  • Dom Chacon, lighting designer
  • Dirk Durosette, scenic designer
  • Neill Hartley, director & actor
  • Millie Hiibel, costume designer
  • Asaki Kuruma, costume designer
  • Florrie Marks, music director
  • Neil Mills, scenic designer
  • Brian Strachan, costume designer & drag performer
Recent Guest Artists, Dance
  • Ira Bond, composer & drummer
  • Clyde Evans, Jr., choreographer
  • Melanie George, choreographer
  • Hood Nation, guest hip hop company
  • Carlos Jones, choreographer
  • Jenn Rose, choreographer