Steven M. Jackson Sr.

Steven Jackson has over 40 years in the field of Percussion and Ethnomusicology. He teaches Diasporic African drum and dance traditions with a strong sense of pride and integrity.

Steve M. Jackson Sr. Steve M. Jackson Sr.

Steve began his musical journey with Arthur Hall and his Afro American Dance Ensemble. During his intense studies with Arthur Hall, Steve studied Neo-traditional African drum and dance where he learned to value and appreciate his culture. Throughout the years Steve has performed professionally throughout the United States and Internationally. Steve consistently shared his wisdom, gifts and talents with children and youth in his neighborhood and in other communities. For the last 25 years, Steve has served as a master teaching artist with Jeannine Osayande & Dunya Performing Arts Company. Most recently Steve worked with autistic children including children with challenging behaviors. Under his mentorship he was able to connect with the children teaching techniques, rhythmic timing, focus, discipline and kindness.