Mapping Disgust

UCDC Spring 2020 “Disgust” graphic Mapping Disgust is an interactive-website containing our embodied research on disgust. The work is meant to be seen as an archive of material from our research, some textual, some movement, some visual, each given the same weight of preference. Take your time to explore the world we have created!

Created by students with choreographic direction by Bailey Anderson


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Erica Best

Kiela Brewer

Justine Cinalli

Moorea Cioppa

Kevin Harris II

Jackie Henigan

Greta Lagerberg

Elizabeth Kandler

Raeann Risko

Breanna Swartcz

Taylor Tobin

Emma Warnick

Alyssa Weber

Amira Jowers

Gabriella Marrero

Addie Schwindt-Thompson

Samantha Youngclaus










Kierceton Keller (Costume Designer)

Shannon Zura (Lighting Designer)