Up(heaval) Alumni Residency

Up(heaval) Up(heaval) is a dance by Enveloped Collective that is an exploration of distance, directionality, and history. The work draws from previous work presented during the dance department’s history as a way of informing where we as graduates of the program are going. The original work was developed in an intensive residency format in collaboration with the dancers, and has been adapted for a virtual existence.

Choreographers: Colleen Walsh Cecchi & Kelly Cinalli

Up(Heaval) on the Enveloped Collective website






Music Credits 

Kiela Brewer

Justine Cinalli

Kevin Harris II

Jacqlyn Henigan










Kiela Brewer

Jeniece Butts

Justine Cinalli

Kevin Harris II

Jacqlyn Henigan

Amira Jowers

Elizabeth Kandler

Angelina Mazza

Amanda Paul

Raeann Risko

Breanna Swarctz

Alyssa Weber

Samantha Youngclaus

Kierceton Keller

(Costume Designer)

Shannon Zura

(Lighting Designer)











“The Winter” by Balmorhea

We also utilize an audio recording of an excerpt from the Jack Kerouac autobiographical novel “On The Road” read by former chaplain of Ursinus College, Reverend Charles Rice. The recording was created for What Falls Away, choreographed by Cathy Young at Ursinus College in the spring of 2011.