U-Imagine Programs and Initiatives

U-Imagine Center empowers the entrepreneurial attitudes within students in any major by offering a series of competitions, events, and programs. Students can pursue any initiative when participating in the Center’s hosted events. We encourage students from all majors and experience levels to make use of the Center. 



The Center’s programs are designed to develop and refine the skillsets that are crucial to embarking in successful, professional careers. In addition to our own internal programs, we work hard to collaborate with external professionals and businesses to maximize student opportunities. We pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate for all students, no matter their major or experience with the creative process.

If you are ready to make your ideas happen, we have the tools to get you there. Check out the existing events and competitions we host annually. It’s never to late or too early to get started. If you want to participate in an event and want additional information or guidance, reach out to Maureen Cumpstone at mcumpstone@ursinus.edu