The U-Imagine Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies

All Majors & Minors


Currently, the U-Imagine Center is located at 488 E. Main Street and responds to campus or community needs and augments the Center’s mission, values, and goals.  

BEAR Competition Series

A series of competition programs that includes the fall semester BEAR Pitch, and spring semester BEAR Innovate competitions, and an array of related developmental activities designed to increase students’ capacity to think entrepreneurially. The competitions, open to any student in any major, are supported by experiential workshops and INSPIRE events designed to help students be successful. BEAR Pitch is a springboard into more fully developed BEAR Innovate projects and offers $900 in prize money across three categories. In the spring, students work with off-campus mentors, and participate in required workshops to develop their projects, which are scored by external judges. Three major prizes are awarded—$7500, $5000, $3000—and winners receive free summer housing on campus.

The competition series also houses programs such as a externships, the FourStone Partners Internship, and the Dale Carnegie Prize. 


The INSPIRE series includes on- and off-campus experiences that expose students to people and organizations who exemplify entrepreneurial passion regardless of the organizational setting. The program brings successful entrepreneurs to campus where they participate in a formal evening event and interact with students individually, during classes, and in small groups over lunch or dinner. Plans are underway to expand the program off-campus so that students can see first-hand the challenges and opportunities of working in a start-up organization.


The IMPACT program, currently in the planning stage, focuses on fostering ethical entrepreneurial thinking and action and will be where innovative and interdisciplinary curricular offerings are developed. What differentiates the IMPACT program is its emphasis on everyone’s responsibility to “pay it forward” and to support the people and communities that enabled their success. IMPACT will help students to develop skills they need to be ethically responsible leaders who demonstrate that one can be economically successful while adhering to a strong moral code of conduct.

Annual Initiative

In addition to the three core programs listed above, each year the Center will implement a fourth program developed to meet community needs and augment its mission, values, and goals.