The U-Imagine Center is located in the Innovation and Discovery Center (IDC) and responds to campus or community needs and augments the Center’s mission, values, and goals.  

U-Imagine Programming

Through a series of competitions, events, and programs, the U-Imagine Center fosters entrepreneurial attitudes in students across all majors. The competitions, open to any student in any major, are supported by experiential workshops and inspire events designed to help students be successful.

Our programming includes and is designed to build specific skillsets. The UC Digital Spark program aims to hone skills in marketing and analytics- in this process, students even gain a certification in Google Analytics.   More Information

Impact Curriculum

The IMPACT program, currently in the planning stage, focuses on fostering ethical entrepreneurial thinking and action and will be where innovative and interdisciplinary curricular offerings are developed. What differentiates the IMPACT program is its emphasis on everyone’s responsibility to “pay it forward” and to support the people and communities that enabled their success. IMPACT will help students to develop skills they need to be ethically responsible leaders who demonstrate that one can be economically successful while adhering to a strong moral code of conduct. More Information

Inspire Series

The INSPIRE series brings successful entrepreneurs from all fields to campus to provide role models for students.  In addition to attending the keynote address or panel discussion, students meet with these entrepreneurs individually, during classes, and in small groups. These visits also include meetings over lunch or dinner to allow for a less formal interaction, provide an opportunity for students to build their networks, and offer students the chance to get feedback on their ideas from professionals who have been in their shoes.    

Students also develop their networks through off-campus activities, such as externships, shadowing, and mentoring provided by entrepreneurs and other professionals on location. More Information