Avenue V

This summer, Avenue V provided funding for Ursinus students, faculty, and staff to advance their entrepreneurial ideas and innovations.

The U-Imagine Center pilots Avenue V, offering funding to qualified individuals or teams that can make a case for a sustainable businesses idea.  Teams can be one to five people. Qualified projects can receive up to $1,000 in grand funds, with the opportunity to apply for additional funding to continue the project, after exhausting the first round of funding.  

Funds may be used to cover eligible start-up costs or business expenses with no obligation for repayment.  This includes anything from professional fees associated with the start-up web site design/hosting, technical support, software, hardware, materials/equipment to produce a product/service, and other items that might help the project move forward.  


Upon review of your application, you may be invited to pitch to the funding committee.  Funding will be awarded based on satisfying all of the Avenue V requirements outlined within.  Awarded funds will be dispersed with purchase orders or receipts at appropriate milestones, in accordance with your budget submission.  Any allocated by unused grant funds will be forfeited and remain in Avenue V.

Check back here for more specific information as the spring semester draws to a close!

Funding Criteria

Avenue V Grant request proposals will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Overall Idea/Concept – It is clear and well-articulated
  • Value Proposition – Is there a potential opportunity that provides clear value to customers? (Solves a problem, fills a need, relieves a pain point)
  • Target Market – Is there evidence that there is a market need?
  • Differentiation – How is it different than what is currently available and is it compelling enough to make customers switch?
  • Project Momentum- Has the team demonstrated the ability to take action and execute?
  • Stage of development – How well is the idea developed and has it gained some traction? (“prototype”, paying customer, functioning website etc.)
  • Use of resources - Are the next steps clear and will the intended use of funds moving the project forward and increase the chance of it’s success?
  • Budget – Is the request for funds clear?
  • Evidence of Commitment – Has the team participated in any U-Imagine Center courses or programs?
  • Team dynamic – Can the team move the project forward?

Program Support

Teams engaged with Avenue V will be supported by the U-Imagine Center with weekly remote check in’s and with an outside mentor.  Teams will operate as a summer cohort and will have an established, consistent meeting time each week.  Teams granted Avenue V funds are required to meet on campus for a mid-project review.  Teams will report progress weekly throughout the project and will produce a final paper and an oral presentation at the conclusion of the project.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Student teams must have at least one Ursinus student as a member of its founding team in good academic standing.
  • Students from any major, any year and graduating seniors are eligible for Avenue V.
  • Ursinus Faculty and Staff are eligible for Avenue V funding.  Faculty working with students are encouraged to apply.
  • Grants will be funded to both for-profit and revenue generating non-profit ventures.
  • Teams must have a proven commitment to their venture’s success.


For more information contact Maureen Cumpstone at