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Wednesday Mar 3rd, 2021

Social Media Workshop

Leave with the knowledge you need to expand your social media presence. This workshop is open to anyone with a desire to grow their social media following. Register Here!Join the Zoom Here!
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Friday Feb 5th, 2021

Up & Running Bootcamp

The U-Imagine Center is hosting a virtual Bootcamp where you will create a fully functioning website with no coding experience needed! This event is built to provide students, faculty, and staff with valuable digital skills. Prepare for your future success with us at the U-Imagine Center!

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Friday Oct 9th, 2020

Tie Dye A Face Mask

Want to make your own cool face mask? Now is your chance to create a fun and safe mask with your friends. Supplies are FREE, but limited! Check our Instagram @uimaginecenter for the most current information!
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Wednesday Sep 30th, 2020

Pop-up Pitch

Come to present at our Pop-up Pitches Workshop. Here, you will give a 90-second pitch to a board of judges about your idea. We hope to see you there.

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Tuesday Sep 22nd, 2020

Business Development in a Digital World

This workshop will focus on how to rethink your business development strategies for a remote environment, including how to effectively use your CRM to maximize sales and leads, how to creatively build relationships without in-person contact, and more.
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Wednesday Sep 16th, 2020

How to Gain Social Media Followers

Do you want to learn how to gain followers on social media? Come to our virtual workshop on Wednesday, September 16th at 7:30 pm to learn how to:
- Gain followers
- Increase engagement/likes
- Create a great looking page
- Make money using social media
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Sunday Sep 6th, 2020

U-Imagine Center Podcast

Successful leaders are shaped by their experiences, mentors, education, turning points, role models, families and lessons learned. They are passionate about what they do and who they serve. The Executive Leaders Radio Program captures the success stories of prominent CEO’s, Presidents and CFO’s and shares them with a national audience. It is the # 1 business radio show from Philadelphia through Washington DC.

Our Entrepreneur -in-Residence, Maureen Cumpstone had the pleasure of being a guest on the Executive Leaders Radio Program last Friday. I was joined with host Herb Cohen, co-hosts Frank Hennessey, Mathieu Shapiro, Shannon Lane, and Drew Hanlon. Other guests on the show included Carol Ben-Maimon, President and CEO, Larimar Therapeutics, Michael Aiello, CEO, Centri Business Consulting and David Cole, President and CEO, the Science Institute.

Our show airs this Sunday 9/6 at 7am on www.radioamerica.com. The stories are great! Check it out!

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