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Essay Prize in Ethics

We invite Ursinus students to submit an essay on a topic of ethical or moral importance.

Richard T. Schellhase Essay Prize in Ethics

Ever wonder about making tough ethical decisions in the workplace after you graduate? Here’s a chance to work on your thought process!

To provide a common experience for the campus, this year’s contest calls for entrants to read and respond to a case study that presents a hypothetical ethical decision facing a young person in the workplace – hence the hashtag #OneCaseOneCampus. We’ll consider the case of a young person facing a dilemma that requires her to balance her religious beliefs and the demands of her job.

The case is available at no cost, but it is copyrighted, and we are distributing it ethically! Please contact Scott Deacle (, Bomberger 308, x3019) for your copy, paid for by the U-Imagine Center.

Entries should present a recommended action for the case’s main character in a thorough, logical, and convincing way. In the weeks leading to the contest, the U-Imagine Center will host events to discuss and consider the issues the case raises.

  • Submissions will be judged by Ursinus alumni based on clarity, insight, focus, originality, and quality of analysis, according to the rubric
  • Ursinus contestants may also enter their essays in the national Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics Essay Contest, although contestants need not feel restricted to the style of essay historically favored by the Wiesel Foundation (examples of previous Wiesel contest winners, including papers from history, English, education, political science, media studies, psychology, anthropology and sociology, philosophy, religious studies, environmental studies, and other disciplines and other disciplines are here and here)
  • Recommended length: 2,000 – 4,000 words
  • All current Ursinus students are eligible
  • Submissions may include revised course papers or newly written work
  • Writing Fellows are available for advice on submissions (make an appointment here
  • For an inspirational talk from NPR click here 

Questions? Contact Scott Deacle

(, Bomberger 308, x3019)

1st Prize: $2,000
2nd Prize: $1,000
3rd Prize: $500

Deadline for submissions:
Coming soon!

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