Have a project and need a place to work?! Do you want swipe access to a private room with coffee and snacks too?

JUMPSTART is a 6 week co-curricular program where students can put their big ideas into action!  Regardless of what stage your idea is in, Jumpstart is designed to help you (and your team) move ideas forward.   They work independently on their own ideas, but work as a cohort.  During your time you will have exclusive swipe access to the U-Imagine Center collaborative work space. You will be mentored by the Entrepreneur-in-Residence Maureen Cumpstone and other outside assistance.  You’ll be guided to explore your ideas, develop  a mission or business model, test market feasibility, create a plan of action and launch your project or venture.   Jumpstart helps students hone their craft by providing entrepreneurial assistance.  JUMPSTART your passion before graduating college!  At the end of the program, the Jumpstart cohort will have the chance to enroll in a one of two-credit independent study next semester and to apply for a $500-$1,000 seed fund grant to help move their projects forward.  

How do YOU Jumpstart?

Jumpstart U: Are you an artist, actor, musician, podcaster, journalist, photographer or something along those lines and want to take your craft to the next level? Join U-Imagine JUMPSTART and learn how to brand yourself, distinguish yourself from competition and start to turn your passion into vocation.

Jumpstart a Project: Tired of having great ideas and not knowing how to get them started? Join U-Imagine JUMPSTART to get the resources to get your project or service started.

Jumpstart a Venture: Looking to build a social enterprise or business and don’t know how to start?  Are you currently a student entrepreneur that wants to grow your venture?  U-Imagine JUMPSTART has tools and resources ready to make you more successful.

Jumpstart with an External Partner: Do you have an entrepreneurial spark without an idea? We can pair you an external partner so you can learn more about the entrepreneurial process.