Past events

What did I miss?

The U-Imagine Center hosts many people each semester.

Here’s what you can catch up on. 

Phil DeSimone & Chris Polster

Phil DeSimone ’12 and Chris Polster ’12 taught us how these two liberal arts graduates have come together to create the first performance footwear crafted with light and oxygen. Topics of innovation, collaboration, and finding meaningful work will be discussed.

Robin Gow

Robin Gow, graduate of 2018, discussed the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in non-profits. Most people consider this type of education to be linear in nature- just for business and corporations. Gow broke this stereotype by demonstrating his non-profit Trans-cendent Connections, an organization that aims to mentor transgender youth in the area.

Robert Tucci

Rob is a Managing Director of the Texas Halo Fund I & II, an active, personal investor, and eleven-year member of the Houston Angel Network where he held the Chair, Life Sciences investing for 5 years. Rob oversees THF’s Life Science funding efforts across the country, as well as the growing Houston’s Life Science eco-system. Rob holds degrees from Ursinus College (B.S. Chemistry) and Tulane University (MBA) and resides in Houston with his physician wife.

Anna King

As the Quorum Program Manager, Anna oversees all aspects of the Quorum program, including: usage of the co-working lounge, event space rentals and Quorum programs for Entrepreneurs. Some of her key roles and responsibilities include, managing a team of approximately 4 people, producing and implementing all Quorum events, developing the Strategic Partner Alliance with local Universities to enhance visibility of programs to local University students, overall marketing strategy of programs, and representing Quorum at external events.