Robin Gow

Innovating activism: The Role of Entrepreneurial Thought in Starting a Non-Profit

Robin Gow, graduate of 2018, will be on campus to discuss the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in non-profits. Most people consider this type of education to be linear in nature- just for business and corporations. Gow is ready to break this stereotype by demonstrating his non-profit Trans-cendent Connections, an organization that aims to mentor transgender youth in the area. 

Making professional connections, adapting to the needs of your client, balancing school, and running a start-up are all topics that will be covered. 

Bring passion, resolve, and a thirst for knowledge. Here comes Robin Gow on November 19th!

Robin Gow“If you asked me as a freshmen I wouldn’t think it was possible. There’s a lot of little paperwork steps that make it seem unattainable. Honestly all it really takes though is to have a passion for something and I care a lot about the LGBT community so it made sense that I would want to make an organization to work with the community more closely”

-Robin Gow