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Do you have a Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? While you thought you were just staying in touch with friends or telling campus about your club’s events, you were actually honing skills that businesses are looking for!

There are currently 17,200 digital marketing jobs listed on LinkedIn. The skills that you take for granted are in high demand. We have the unique opportunity that will enhance your resume!

This spring, the U-Imagine Center is connecting students with businesses looking to broaden their digital horizons through “UC Digital Spark.” UC Digital Spark provides paid opportunities for students to work with local businesses for six hours per week next semester.

Do you have the “spark” to jump on board?

In this program, creative, ambitious students will be placed with businesses to help develop a digital presence based on the businesses’ needs. All majors, minors, and years are encouraged to apply, especially students that want to put their social media skills to use. Students will receive guidance from the U-Imagine Center’s resources as well as training on analytics software for social media. During the course of the program, students will work one-on-one with their business clients to develop the right social media campaign.

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Interested in learning more about how this experience works? Learn more about our Summer Business Assist program, which was the inspiration for UC Digital Spark!