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Since inception, in 2014, The U-Imagine Center has provided experiential learning opportunities to all students across campus to develop their entrepreneurial abilities. Our efforts are only accomplished by the support of our donors, mentors, and Alumni. Now, more than ever your support is needed to continue providing programming to every student at Ursinus.

The U-Imagine Center’s goal is to raise $100,000. Our center’s success is directly tied to the generous giving from our Alumni and friends, who’s vision is grounded in fostering future innovators and entrepreneurs. We pride ourselves on our ability to reach every type of Ursinus student, as we believe that everyone has the ability to innovate. BEARS can Innovate!

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Donate to the U-Imagine Center by clicking the red button below and selecting the “U-Imagine Center Fund” in the Designation drop-down menu. Your donation makes our mission possible! 

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Sponsor Digital Spark 

Digital Spark is a Summer program that pairs students with a local business to provide digital media service at no cost to the business. Each student earns a $3,000 stipend for completing the program. You can support by sponsoring a single student, half a student, or multiple students. Click the red button below to sponsor, be sure to select the “U-Imagine Center Fund” in the Designation drop-down menu.

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Sponsor BEAR Innovation

BEAR Innovation is an annual innovation competition open to all students who feel a drive to create, innovate, and develop solutions for real-life problems in the surrounding world. There is a total of $10,000 in cash prizes. ($3,500 for 1st place, $2,500 for 2nd place, $1,500 for 3rd place, $2,000 “Ready, Set, Go!” prize and $500for the group with the best pitch performance.) The competition challenges students to take an idea from “dream” to “do”. Click the red button below to sponsor BEAR Innovation, be sure to select the “U-Imagine Center Fund” in the Designation drop-down menu.

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Other Ways to Support Our Programming

With the help of our mentors, judges and speakers our programming is continually able to grow year after year. The hands on support from experienced, compassionate, and dedicated Alumni and friends continues to be the catalyst of innovation through thought and action at our center. Learn about about the ways you can get involved with our center below.

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