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UC Digital Spark

A special opportunity for students to use their skills in an effort to support local businesses develop an online presence in the Collegeville area. 

2021 Applications are open!

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What is Digital Spark?                              Digital Spark        

Digital Spark is an immersive program designed specifically for innovative students looking to assist local businesses to execute a focused digital marketing project, that will help both the businesses and the intern grow. At the U-Imagine Center, we believe that undergraduates with liberal arts education can have an invaluable impact when paired with small local, startup/early-stage, or mature businesses with an identified narrow, project-based targeted need. This opportunity has been made available to you by a local business council interested in supporting Ursinus students and the local business community.

How does it work?

The U-Imagine Center funds a cohort of undergraduate students from Ursinus College to work under the mentorship of a local business to help with a specific, focused need in digital marketing, full-time for 8 weeks. The program is at no cost to the local business!

Areas of need include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital Marketing promotions for a launch of a new product initiative or start-up
  • Development or enhancement of Social Media/Digital Marketing presence
  • Competitive Market Research
  • Digital Marketing data collection (Analytics) and organization
  • Google Analytics
  • Website Development
  • Brand Development

Student Information

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Do I get paid?

YES! Each student will receive a $2,500 stipend for completing the 8-week program. Digital Spark also satisfies the XLP graduation requirement. On-campus housing will be provided. Due to COVID Guidelines, program details are not finalized. Students participating in Digital Spark are expected to be available to live on campus and participate in a hybrid program, half remote, half in-person program, pending approval of the COVID Task Force. In the event that a hybrid program is not approved, students will live on-campus and work remotely.

What will it take?
  • Must participate in all 8 weeks of the summer. (June 1 through July 23) No other work commitments
  • Live On-Campus
  • Have the desire, interest, skills and commitment to meet deadlines and execute an 8-week project.
  • Work collaboratively the student cohort and your business supervisor/company management.
  • Offer good communication skills.
  • Participate in meetings for an hour at least twice a week with business supervisor.
  • Produce an oral and written report according to the project guidelines at the end of the project and prepare a presentation to be given to the cohort of students and the Ursinus community.
  • Participate in a post project meeting to discuss the program, identify its strengths as well as opportunities for improvement.
How do I apply?

Student applications need to be completed by April 16th at 11:59, 2021 to be eligible for the summer of 2021. All applications should be completed here

Business Information

What will it take?

Your business will need to:

  • Specify a clearly defined project scope to be completed in 8 weeks
  • Have the ability to remotely participate in the summer of 2021 (June 1st through July 23rd)
  • Provide the Student remote access to necessary company resources (project manager or owner, work space, information)
  • Have a plan to supervise, nurture and help your Student grow
  • Schedule meeting times for an hour at least twice a week and ongoing communication regularly throughout the week to provide guidance and direction
  • Offer good communication
  • Participate in a post project meeting or provide a post project evaluation to discuss the program, identify its strengths as well as opportunities for improvement.
What can I expect?

Fresh eyes and 8 weeks of work to help your business grow free of charge! Each student will present an agreed-upon final written deliverable and oral presentation to you at the conclusion of the engagement. Students will be required to maintain the confidentiality of your information and follow your rules. Copies of the student agreement are available on request.

How do I apply?

Business applications need to be completed by April 24th at 11:59, 2021 to be eligible for the summer of 2021. All applications should be completed here.

Meet our 2021 Advisers!

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