UC Digital Spark

A special opportunity for students to use their skills in an effort to support local businesses develop an online presence in the Collegeville area. 

What is Digital Spark?

Digital Spark

Digital Spark is an immersive program designed specifically for innovative students looking to assist local businesses to execute a focused digital marketing project, that will help both the businesses and the intern grow. At the U-Imagine Center, we believe that undergraduates with liberal arts education can have an invaluable impact when paired with small local, startup/early-stage, or mature businesses with an identified narrow, project-based targeted need. This opportunity has been made available to you by a local business council interested in supporting Ursinus students and the local business community.

How do I apply?

Student Application | CLick Here

Business Application | Click Here

If you have any questions please email mcumpstone@ursinus.edu.

How does it work?

The U-Imagine Center funds a cohort of undergraduate students from Ursinus College to work under the mentorship of a local business to help with a specific, focused need in digital marketing, full-time for 8 weeks. The program is at no cost to the local business!

What’s New this Year?

The program is back to being completely in-person. You will work with your business 4 days a week and then have cohort meetings every Friday. The program runs from May 30-July 21, 2023 and you will be living on-campus for the entirety of the program.

Areas of need include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital Marketing promotions for a launch of a new product initiative or start-up
  • Development or enhancement of Social Media/Digital Marketing presence
  • Competitive Market Research
  • Digital Marketing data collection (Analytics) and organization
  • Google Analytics
  • Website Development
  • Brand Development

How Can I Support Student Participation in the Summer 2024 ?

The Digital Spark Students are financial supported through donorship. Each student earns a $3,000 stipend for completing the program. You can support by donating any partial amount as seen below here. Or by sponsoring a single student, half a student, or a third of a student. Any and all donation levels are appreciated! Click the red button below to sponsor, be sure to select the “U-Imagine Center Fund” in the Designation drop-down menu. Any and all amounts are helpful for this program.

Support a Student Today!

Partially Sponsor A Student

If you are not able to sponsor a student at the gold, silver, or bronze level, please consider a smaller donation amount to partially support a student.

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