UC Imagine Fest

What is the UC Imagine Fest?

The UC-Imagine Fest is a 15-hour marathon event where students work together to find innovative and creative solutions for existing problems. During the program, students work to develop their solutions and pitch their final plan to a panel of judges. Our calculated processes assist students to communicate the validity of a problem and offer a creative solution that meets the needs of a reachable market.

This Year’s Focus

At the UC-Imagine Fest this year, we will be innovatively solving problems that are arising due to climate change. As a prominent issue in today’s world, we can no longer wait for the climate to heal over time because we simply do not have time left. Can you help aid in this ongoing battle? Show your creative thinking at this year’s competition!

Meet our Keynote Speakers

Catherine R. Buczek

Catherine R Buczek

Class of 2018 | Wind Gap, PA

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Aubrey Paris

Aubrey Paris

Class of 2015 | Washington, DC

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Where can I Register?

Registration will be opening soon!

How does it work?

Students will pose their problem to all other students. Once all the problems have been proposed, every student will have the option to pick which problem they would like to work on to solve as a team. The team will then work to develop an innovative solution to their problem, receiving help from our advisors to advance their thinking. Finally, students will pitch their solution to a panel of judges. The judges are evaluating the quality of the pitch, as well as the solutions offered

Resources And Perks 

The Center invites professional mentors to meet with each team. They are available to help guide each team in a direction that keeps pitches comprehensive and persuasive. The afternoon will be spent creating a simple business model,  preparing a presentation draft, and practicing each team’s pitch.  Meals, snacks, and beverages are provided throughout the duration of the competition to keep you in your best creative headspace.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 UC Imagine Fest

If you are interested in learning more about the solutions developed during this year’s fest check out the news story below!

UC Imagine Fest 2020 Participants

First Place - $150: Project Light

Second Place - $100: Speaking From Success

Third Place - $50: Interactive Education

Honorable Mention: We’ve Done That Before

Honorable Mention: C-Clear

Honorable Mention: COVID Bracelet

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Rock-a-Thon

First Place - $1,000: Booby Fong Community Center 

Second Place - $750: Rice Fields Shuttle

Third Place - $500: Ursinus Mural Arts