Passion to Purpose

Engage with fellow students to create a product, brand, or service that solves a challenging issue posed by the U-Imagine Center. 

Passion to Purpose is a one-day event that encourages young innovators to work together toward solving a key topic or issue. Teams collaborate on their product, enterprise, or creative service for eight hours in order to develop a solid business plan. 

Students of all majors and class years are welcome to participate. Use Passion to Purpose as an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in becoming a creative problem solver while also connecting with students on campus that share the same interest and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.

The Passion to Purpose “boot camp” offers a dynamic and exciting workspace for students as well as complimentary meals, snacks, beverages and resources to aid teams in creating their solutions.

The 2020-2021 Passion to Purpose challenge questions are currently under review and will be released on a later date at this point. Stay tuned to our website, email, and social media for clarification on additional information, and don’t forget to email us with any suggestions or ideas for this year’s competition.

Have a challenging issue suggestion? 

Reach out to Maureen Cumpstone at to send us your recommendations.