Experiences. Opportunities. Relationships.

These three elements will be the core of your life at Ursinus. Education is a verb here. 

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  • The Ursinus College campus
    Ursinus College is increasing the Gateway Scholarship to award $35,000 per year to eligible students. The college is also increasing its Ursinus Scholarship merit awards so that all admissible domestic applicants will receive at least $21,000 per year for four years.
  • Kisha Patel Video
    Meet Kisha, a driven senior who took independent learning experiences to another level. Through multiple internships, independent and honors research, summer fellows, and study abroad in Sydney, this active member of our community chartered a course that has fully prepared her for law school next year.

Who’s a Bear?

We attract students who have been successful in advanced college prep high school programs and with records of achievement outside the classroom. Learn about our Office of Career and Professional Development

Student Snapshots

Tom Holt ’17, currently in med school, fully embraced the unique pre-health programs on the Ursinus campus that offered him hands on experience.


See more video snapshots of Ursinus students and recent alumni